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Let's Hear It!

Calling all poets and lyricists with limited (or no) musical ability: The NEW "Let's Hear It" program is for you! Or maybe you don't have the instruments or recording know-how to create a finished song. This program gives you an opportunity to turn your poem or lyrics into a complete, finished song recording. Contact us today, and see how we can help you finish your masterpiece!

"His Blood Prevails for Me" is a Gospel power ballad song recorded for songwriter/drummer Don Hicks. Jim Hammer created the finished song by writing the melody, chords and song structure, choosing an appropriate style/genre, and finally recording all of the instrumental parts needed. Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano/keyboards, Hammond B3, strings, drums and a gospel choir.
"The Shenandoah Valley" is a country/folk song that was created from a poem written by artist Jeff Howe. It describes the memories of living in a small country town. Jim Hammer created a melody and chord changes, and then selected an appropriate train-beat country style and instrumentation, with piano, acoustic guitar, bass and steel guitar, drums, and a small vocal group sound.
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