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Formulation Services

Mix Solutions operates as a non-cGMP Formulation Development and Testing facility. This laboratory environment allows us to develop product formulations quickly and efficiently, and is very suitable for the purely R&D activities involved in the following product areas:

  • Household and institutional cleaners: Laundry and dish detergents, hard surface cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, disinfectant/sanitizers, including low/no VOC environmentally friendly products which comply with Green Seal and Design for the Environment, and 95% USDA Organic formulations.

  • Polishes and coatings: Floor polish, furniture polish, shoe polish, abrasives, automotive products and more.

  • Chemical Specialties: Other unique consumer product categories.

  • Dietary and sport supplements: We bring the unique perspective of a health/fitness/body-building enthusiast to your product formulation work.

  • OTC /Rx Pharmaceuticals: Finished formulations using monographed APIs. Early-phase pre-formulation (pre-clinical formulation development work), using your specified API, and USP/NF excipients which appear in the FDA Inactive Ingredient Database.

  • Personal care products and cosmetics: Our expertise includes all types of personal care products: Shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, hair spray/mousse/gel, creams, lotions, sun care, self-tanners, serums, toothpaste, mouth rinse, deodorant/ antiperspirants, shaving products, natural/organic products, etc.

  • Topical patch formulations: To deliver vitamins, and other active ingredients.


Upon completion of the formulation activities, Mix Solutions will issue a detailed report with formulation, batch-making procedures, raw material vendors and tentative product specifications, suitable for transfer to a production facility, or to a cGMP/GLP facility for production of clinical supplies.

The services we offer include:

  • Reverse engineering / de-formulation of existing commercial products. Using our broad knowledge of product formulations, and working with partner analytical labs, Mix Solutions will provide an analytical breakdown of the target product, and prepare a “Best Fit” paper formulation which can be used as a starting point in the formulation process.

  • New product formulation. Mix Solutions will work with you to develop your own unique product formulations.

  • Formulation refinement, performance improvement and cost reduction. Mix Solutions will help you to optimize your existing product formulation.

  • Technical assistance and trouble shooting. Mix Solutions will review your formulations and batching procedures to help determine the root causes of problems.

  • Product Performance Testing Consultation. Mix Solutions will recommend the performance testing required to support your label claims.

Testing and Other Services

  • SDS Preparation, 16 part globally-compliant safety data sheet for your product

  • Flame Extension and Flashback testing of aerosol products, according to 16CFR1500.45.    

  • UN Directive 31.4 Ignition Distance test, similar to 16CFR1500.45.

  • UN Directive 31.6 Aerosol Foam Flammability- This test is suitable for mousses, foams, and other products with low levels of propellant.                          

Note: Mix Solutions does not perform UN Directive 31.5 Enclosed Space Ignition (Closed drum) - This test is primarily used for products with very low flammability, and most hairsprays, body sprays, etc. are too flammable to require this test.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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